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This is a unique place of Soviet ultramodernism, one of the oldest and the most important shopping centers in Kyiv (there are references to it in the annals since the times of Kyiv Rus). Its colouring and atmosphere inspired me to create a unique AR print. Here you can find everything – from meat and cucumbers to screws and hammers. The famous metal engravings and panels "From the Varangians to the Greeks" are symbols of how our ancestors used to sail for goods. I wanted to include all elements in a sketch, but after a long search and experiments we left only the texture of the ceiling with inserts of metal, adding it with AR with a unique silhouette of the market and geometry. Thank you for the unique authentic architecture and brilliant work of all artists and engineers, especially the architect of the Zhytniy Market Valentin Shtolko.

Zhytniy Market in Podol / AR wallpapers

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