Nowadays digital communication is within the limits of a squared screen. NU4MAT provides an alternative for clients that wish to stand out. Its products are tailor-made responding to the needs of each client and mix new technologies such as micro-mapping, augmented reality, robotics, holography, levitation, virtual reality and more. The audiovisual content for NU4MAT’s products can be developed by any agency and is easily uploaded.

By fusing his unique tech-artisan approach with the peripheries of gastronomy, he is immersed in the development of Non-Gravital Food. This research has lead NU4MAT to take part in Basque Culinary Center’s Culinary Action, CCCB and World Mobile Congress’s Mobile Ready: Future of Shopping (Veritas Flagship). Most recently NU4MAT was chosen for Prometheus, the acceleration program of Reimagine Food and was awarded as one of the best start-ups of 2016’s edition. Having a restless mind, Nacho keeps exploring the commercial potential of creativity.

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