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Wallpapers with histories

Designer wallpapers “The O” born of graphic drawings and photographs of brand founder, designer Litvinenko Evgeniy, which he made for one of his interior objects. He did not even expect that it would grow into the whole collection of photo wallpapers.


 Interesting graphic drawings and photographs of old paintings and frescos flow onto the walls of the interiors, creating unrepeatable images and impressions. This immediately attracted the attention of designers and architects and as a result, they began to actively use them in the design of their projects.


Every printing is created individually and made on a by-order basis. The point was in making the interior unusual, interesting and fancy, to provoke the emotion “Oh, that’s cool! Oh, that’s awesome”. That is why we took the letter “O” as the reflection of admiration from something unusual. We constantly create something new and prepare interesting collections of designer wallpaper for you)


Come to our virtual Showroom and get inspired

Come to our showroom and feel how our prints change the space and make it unusual and cozy. We have several rooms and wallpaper collections designed for the nursery, bathroom, kitchen and bedroom, you will definitely like something here and you will find your wallpaper) In the meantime, there is no need to know about it. ” For a long time we wanted to make our own showroom where we could work and show our prints on a large scale.

But there has always been a dilemma that the transience of trends and fashion forces each year to update exhibitions and interiors, you always want something new, it is always a waste of resources and materials, just in a race for trends ... And it seems to us that the network has long been was to become a three-dimensional move from 2D graphics to 3D. Of course, this is not a living space where you feel with your whole body, but it will help you to feel more our aesthetics and taste and be inspired

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